Published: Sep 10, 2012 5:04 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 11, 2012 11:24 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Here in Florida, you have a better chance of getting a traffic ticket on the road than almost any other place in the country. So, WINK News wanted to know why.  

The National Motorists Association says Florida ranks fourth when it comes to traffic tickets. Drivers we caught up with say they're not surprised.   

Drive around southwest Florida and it may be no shock to find law enforcement out and writing tickets.

"No, no, not surprised at all," said Ernesto Alicea, driver.

Alicea said he's never gotten a ticket before but does notice officers more and more on the road.

"When I drive down towards Daniels, drive down here, there are cops all over the place," said Alicea.

The Florida Highway Patrol is just one law enforcement agency in the state patrolling the roads and watching for drivers with a lead foot.

"The speed limit is what it is," said Lt. Greg Bueno, Florida Highway Patrol.

One mile per hour over that limit and you can be pulled over.

"Its an absolute, posted sign and its there.  We all play by the same rules, we all have a driver's license," said Bueno.

Marcel Perera got a ticket about three years ago but he's shocked at the ranking Florida holds.
"We're number four for speeding tickets in the county?  That's amazing," said Perera.

AAA said some drivers don't even notice their pedal is to the medal.

"Sometimes maybe you don't even mean it.  You don't realize it because the faster you go, the slower you think you're going," said Marsha Kut, AAA Fort Myers.

The National Motorists Association is a motorists' rights group that said they've helped drivers fight traffic tickets for years.

Their rankings break down the top 25 states where you're likely to get a speeding ticket.  They have Nevada first, Georgia second, Alabama third, Florida fourth and Maryland fifth.

The rankings came from analyzing ticket-related searches through Google while their report doesn't give an exact reason for Florida's fixed rating, AAA said it's clear.

"One of the most obvious reasons is we have more tourism down here.  We have more people driving.  When you've got almost double the amount of traffic in Florida compared to Georgia," said Kut.

Ranking or not, law enforcement said their ultimate goal is to make sure everyone makes it to their final stop safely.

"We all share the same road and its important for us to enforce that proactively so that everybody is able to reach their final destination," said Bueno.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the likelihood of being involved in a crash goes up when you speed.  The purpose of speed limits is to regulate the flow of traffic.