Published: Sep 06, 2012 5:40 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 06, 2012 6:43 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A WINK News Call for Action. A downtown Cape Coral restaurant is welcoming diners with a gaping hole in the sidewalk.

The building's owner says the city dug the hole to remove a tree and has yet to fix it. The property owners called us for help.

Where the sidewalk ends, Remy Saluz's frustrations begin.

"Ever since, we've had a quote n' quote disaster here, some people thought the whole building was under construction, and they pass by," he said.

The city removed a large tree in front of Table 209 because the roots were pushing up the sidewalk.  That was August 13th. Almost a month later, the sidewalk remains the same.
As the property owner Saluz says this is prompting some people to think the recently opened restaurant is under construction.

"I was approached by somebody down the street, they said 'hey when are you going to re-open?' I said re-open? 'Well there's a construction site, nobody wants to get in there.' I said, well that's not quite right," Saluz said.

The city told WINK News "weather and concrete issues" are to blame for the delay.
Officials say they hired C.W. Roberts Contracting Inc. to complete the job.

The Italian American Club across the street says it would like its tree removed because the roots are pushing up the sidewalk. "One woman actually tripped on the sidewalk and fractured her wrists," said Italian American Club President Frank DeCaria.
But the president says he's worried the same issue will happen to them. 

"I am shocked they would leave a sidewalk stay like that for the amount of time it did," DeCaria said.

"By not taking any action, for example finishing this job, they're not doing any good to the local economy," said Saluz.

We called the project manager with C.W Roberts Contracting but did not get a call back.

The good news in this, the city tells WINK News, crews will be out here Friday to fix this sidewalks.