Published: Nov 15, 2011 12:08 AM EST
Updated: Nov 15, 2011 12:34 AM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A Fort Myers man "calls for action" after he brought his mini-van back to the repair shop three times! When he couldn't get anywhere, he called us for help.
The problems started last August. All five members of Gene Rogers' family were riding in the family minivan near Palm Beach Boulevard and Buckingham Road. A large truck carrying farm equipment rear ended them. Everyone was okay. The minivan was not.

"We ended up taking our vehicle to Gene's Autoframe and Repairs in Fort Myers off Metro Parkway," Gene told Call for Action.
Receipts show Gene's Autoframe and Repair charged them more than $6,000 to repair the frame, put on new panels, install a new back window and paint the vehicle. Three weeks later, the family picked up the van. Gene says he noticed something wrong when he opened the door and smelled mildew.

Then Gene Rogers says started noticing other problems. "We had an orphan VIN number that was plainly visible on the rear of the vehicle. That was not our vehicle. We had a 'follow me to church' bumper stickers from Marion County that was clearly not our vehicle," said Rogers.

He took the van back two more times to get those problems fixed over a two month period. He says he was completely surprised when his wife took the car to another shop for tires at a different shop: Pam's Motor City.

"The gentleman who was installing the tires and Pam herself came out and said, 'Gene I hate to tell you this, but your frame is bent so badly that we cannot align your vehicle,'" said Rogers.

We spoke to Pam Oakes, owner of Pam's Motor City who told us, "We did the visual inspection of the frame work that was performed and that's why we said go back. They were going to go on a trip the next day to Sarasota and we said no way. Park it."

Pam told us WINK NEWS the work she inspected was not performed properly.

Gene took the van to yet another repair shop. That shop circled all of the vehicle repairs that were done wrong. Gene says when the repairman opened up the van, he found shop rags stuffed inside. Gene believes it was to muffle the rattles of items that weren't repaired properly.

The body shop personnel from the new shop noted on its estimate "poor workmanship" was contributing a water leak in the van creating that musty smell inside.

"This frame is bent. It's adversely affecting the rest of the repairs," said Gene.

Gene says the estimate from the new shop was also reviewed by an insurance agent. It shows many items that were paid for were not completed or completed poorly.

Altogether, the new shop believes Gene's van needs more than $4100 in repairs to correct poor workmanship and an additional $2200 in repairs that were missed.

We called Gene's Autoframe and repair to ask them about what happened. They repeatedly declined our request to go on camera.

The shop manager Keith told us he fired the repairman who did the work and has offered to repair the van. The shop owner, Misty, told us that she stands behind the work and will repair the van if Gene brings it back to the shop. Over the phone she told us she is not willing to do even a partial refund because "it would cost her more money to pay another shop to do the work than it would cost to do the work herself."

However, Gene says he's lost confidence in their workmanship, "It's completely unsafe. It's a bucket of bolts at this point."

Gene simply wants Gene's Autoframe to refund him the $4100 he needs to correct the work they performed poorly.

"We're not happy at all," said Gene.

Gene's Autoframe says they will not give that partial refund but that they will repair the vehicle if Gene brings it back to them.

Gene has filed complaints with the Insurance Commissioner and the Division of Consumer Affairs.