Published: Nov 03, 2011 11:21 PM EDT
Updated: Nov 03, 2011 11:32 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla--A Fort Myers man bought a mattress from a rent to own company and ended up with some uninvited house guests! That's when he called for action!

Eric Richman called us for help when he was losing sleep over a situation involving his rent-to-own mattress.He thought he had a good relationship with Rent-a-Center. He regularly shops with the chain.

"Before I had a whole living room set and a bed and everything," said Eric, "Of course at that time I had a new bed, so I didn't have any problems."
He decided to purchase a mattress from the company.
Richman thought he was getting a brand new mattress but found out someone had slept in it before. The company had already rented it to another family. Before he took it home, he asked questions.
Richman said the clerk told him that the company sprays beds for bed bugs."(They) showed me a clear liquid and he said they just spray the bottom of the box springs," said Richman.
The company delivered the bed and Richman thought he could rest easy. That is until he actually slept in the bed.

"The bed bugs just ate me up in my back real bad. It was kind of late. So I called them the next day and he (the clerk) asked me to come up and tell him what happened. So i went up and showed him the video and the pictures I have," said Richman.

He says the company initially offered to send a pest company to fumigate. However, when no one showed, he called us for action.

"If they are going to deliver someone a bedroom set,(they should) make sure that it is new. Or through the proper stages to make sure it is clean. Give me some sort of accommodations for what I am going through here," said Richman.

After we contacted Rent-a-Center, Richman tells us a pest control company finally showed up at his home. The company also brought him a washer and dryer to help him wash his clothes. Eric is paying a monthly bill for those appliances. Eric still hasn't received a new mattress.

We tried to contact Rent-a-Center for their take on the situation. They say they will not comment on the issue because Richman has now retained an attorney to represent him in this matter.