Published: Dec 30, 2010 10:23 PM EST
Updated: Dec 30, 2010 7:25 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, FLA-- A Cape Coral woman says she's thankful to have her son home from Afghanistan. But she's also thankful to spend Christmas in her own home thanks to CALL FOR ACTION.
Laqurdia's son Jerald is home for the holidays after serving in the US ARMY in Afghanistan. He is thankful to be home for two weeks leave.

"Every time I go on leave I know I at least have one place to come home to. I have my old room with all my clothes and everything so it's really good feeling," Jerald told WINK NEWS.

He almost wasn't able to come here for Christmas.

When CALL FOR ACTION met his mother Laqurdia Tatum in July, she had just shipped Jerald off to Afghanistan. She came home to find out the home she thought she had saved through loan modification had been sold. The bank had auctioned off her home, even though she had an agreement for a modification and paid all of the new loan payments in full and on time.

Tatum was afraid to tell her son, who had been sending her his pay to help make the new mortgage payments.

"I can't tell him. He just landed in Afghanistan yesterday on Monday. I can't tell him," Laqurdia told WINK NEWS.

Thanks to CALL FO ACTION she didn't have to. We called her lender Bank of America and got the house back. Six months later, Jerald has a place to relax.

"To come back home and lay in my bed that was wonderful. It felt great."

Laqurdia is still thankful to have her home back.

"Always I thank God for call for action because you take action now."