Published: Aug 16, 2010 11:44 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 16, 2010 3:59 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Call for Action gets $217,000 back for a Fort Myers man.  He lost the money after a bank sold him a home that it wasn't supposed to sell.  

Melvin Wroten's business is buying and fixing up foreclosures one at a time.  One of his investments took a costly turn.  He bid online and paid a total of $217,000 for a North Fort Myers property.  However, it turns out that the homeowners had declared bankruptcy and because the house was their primary residence, the home wasn't supposed to be sold.

The court rescinded the sale in May and ordered the bank, SunTrust, to refund Melvin's money; but by July Melvin still hadn't received his refund.

"This is how I make part of my livelihood and basically the bank has taken away my livelihood for the last three months and put me on hold and I am sort of in limbo," Wroten explained.

Melvin went to court again and again, the court ordered SunTrust to refund his money, but he didn't see a check.  Halfway through August he had exhausted all his resources and called "Call for Action" to help.

"That's costing me over $1,000 a month in interest and all I was looking for is to just be made whole again.  If they made a mistake then rectify the mistake," Wroten tells us.

Chief Investigator Melissa Yeager called and emailed SunTrust and asked them where Melvin's money was.  Two days later, they hadn't replied.  So she emailed again and finally received a response.  SunTrust told her that Melvin's money  had been given to their attorneys to give back to Melvin; but somehow that money had never made it from SunTrust's attorneys to Melvin.

"If I took their money and they had their money in my account for $217,000-plus it would be days before they would have me arrested for stealing and I don't look at that as any different than what they're doing to me," Wroten says.

Within two days of calling SunTrust, the bank made contact with Melvin.  SunTrust and Melvin have now reached a settlement and part of the settlement, Melvin can't do any follow-up on camera interviews.  He does tell us he has been made whole and doesn't believe it would have been solved without our help.