Published: Jul 27, 2010 11:43 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 27, 2010 8:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Call for Action is working to uncover the truth behind a recent loan modification mishap involving Bank of America. 

We told you about Cape Coral single mom, Nicole DePuy on Monday, July 26th.  She tried for two years to get a loan modification with Bank of America.  She finally got the modification approved but says the bank foreclosed and sold her home anyway, despite being current on her new deal.

We contacted Bank of America to find out what happened.  We put in our first inquiry a week ago and kept checking in since.  The bank told us they were working on it.  Finally, as our story was airing last night we received a statement from Bank of America saying that they were working behind the scenes and would contact Nicole.

Nicole tells me she received a call back from Bank of America during the commercial break before our story aired.  She says the representative told her they were working with Isla Blue, the company that bought the property, to try to buy it back or else give her more time to move.  She says the bank also said they may be able to help her with rent and moving expenses.

Well, we found this response interesting because we called Isla Blue and they say they have never had anyone from Bank of America contact them.  They did tell us they were open to receiving that call, however.

We sent emails and made calls to Bank of America today to press them as to why they would say tell Nicole one thing, when we discovered it may not be the whole truth.  So far bank of america has told us nothing. They did not respond to us by our 6pm newscast deadline.

But that's not all.  After Nicole's story aired we got a call from another woman also in Cape Coral who says the same thing happened to her.  Laqurdia Tatum was approved for a trial loan modification; she even showed us the approval letter.  The letter stated that over the next three months, if she followed the requirements and made her payments, Bank of America would not auction her home.  She tells us that she made her payment and she even showed me the canceled check.

Tatum then went to Fort Bragg in North Carolina to say goodbye to her son who was being shipped off to serve in Afghanistan.  She returned home to find out-- the bank had auctioned her house anyway.

"I can't tell him.  He just landed in Afghanistan yesterday.  I can't tell him... he thinks we're OK.  He's actually wiring money so we can keep the mortgage going," Tatum told us.

So we called Bank of America and sent them detailed emails again about Nicole's situation and Laqurdia's situation.   We are going to continue to follow this story and push for answers about why Bank of America foreclosed on two homes in our area despite being approved for the modification program. They again, didn't respond.

Trust us to stay on top of this story.  We'll update our progress on our blog.