Published: Feb 08, 2013 3:09 PM EST

Today's Better Living Now is brought to you by Decibels Audiology.  We asked audiologist, April Royan, about the latest technology in hearing aids.  


Today's best hearing aids are very, very, very fast computers.  So they process sound extremely fast and that allows you to go very noisy restaurants, noisy parties, all sorts of evironments where people previously had a lot of trouble with their hearing aid and for that hearing aid to seemlessly move in and out of those environments.  Also when you get into high levels of technology you also see things like Bluetooth in the hearing aid, where it can synch to different devices.  Your ear canal is open so it's perfect for people that have good low pitch hearing but poor high pitch hearing because you can amplify certain sounds but not others.  It sounds very natural.  It's very easy to get used to and you don't hear your own voice, which is people's major complaint with hearing aids.  When you plug up your ear, they don't like how they can hear themselves talking.


April Royan advises that what makes a patient love their hearing aids is when they have a really good hearing test, a really good hearing aid, a really good audilogist and it all comes together.  Sometimes people will say, "But I bought the most expensive hearing aid.  I should love it."  Its not how much you spend on it if it is not accurately prescribed for you.