Published: Feb 08, 2013 4:00 PM EST

WINK'S Better Living Now is brought to you by Frantz Eye Care.  We asked Dr. Jonathan Frantz, the first surgeon to bring bladeless cataract surgery to Southwest Florida, to explain how the laser technology differs from traditional cataract surgery.


There is a huge difference between bladeless and traditional cataract surgery because with the bladeless technology we are using the incredible precision of a laser and that gives us the ability to do things significantly better than anything we've been able to do manually with a knife.  It is a commitment to technology, it's a commitment to personalization and it's a commitment to get you the best possible vision after surgery.


Timing to consider having surgery is when you're having symptoms that interfere with your daily lifestyle.  It would be things like blurring of the vision, clouding of the vision, or haziness.  In many instances people will have difficulty seeing the street signs when they're driving.  When you're having symptoms like that, when you don't feel that you're safe on the roads or you feel like your distance vision is really making it so that it's more difficult for you to drive.  You know those are the types of symptoms that we're looking for which would indicate that it's time for us to consider having cataract surgery.