Thief steals family’s Christmas decorations from their yard in Cape Coral

One family is begging for their Christmas decorations back after someone nabbed them from their yard in Cape Coral.

The family says they never though the plot of the Grinch would come to life for them, but now they are struggling to put together a normal holiday.

Stringing Christmas lights and putting up inflatable decorations is a family tradition for Karyn Cardona and her 13-year-old son.

“We just decorated on Sunday and we were excited to decorate as a family,” she said. “We checked last night before bed and the lights were going the inflatables were still up and then when we got up this morning everything was just gone.”

Cardona says when she left for the airport, she noticed someone stole the inflatable decoration and her lights straight from her front yard.

“I know that it was probably a kick in the stomach to him to leave this morning and notice that his lights were gone and his decorations were gone,” she said.

And it’s the memories behind them that they miss the most. She says this year was the first time her son was able to decorate the house with his dad.

“We had some immigration issues, we got him back in late October so it was our first Thanksgiving together,” Cardona said. “It’s going to be our first Christmas together so kind of special so it was a bummer when we decorated as a family and then his first memory when he went to school today was that they were taken.”

Although they don’t have the money to replace them, Karyn says she is making sure her family’s spirits are still bright this holiday season.

“We’re blessed no one was hurt. I still want to keep people positive, it’s Christmas let’s pay it forward let’s put things into perspective,” she said.

No word on any arrests tonight, police are still looking for the thief.