Lee County working with PR firm to boost tourism during water quality crisis

We live in paradise in Southwest Florida, with warm temperatures and access to beautiful beaches year-round.

But with red tide and blue-green algae plaguing the coast and waterways this past year, some decided not to visit.

Now, Lee County hired a PR firm to increase advertisements across the world to promote our area.

The ad campaign won’t just focus on the shoreline. County officials say they want to put a strong focus on everything else this area has to offer.

Lee County is building a new kayak ramp at Sirenia Vista Park just north of West Cape Coral off of Ceitus Parkway. They say projects like these fulfill their promise to tourists that Southwest Florida is more than just the sum of its beaches.

They are also putting a strong emphasis on sporting events, hiking and shopping.

The county will use the bed tax to pay for these projects, which is money they collect every time someone stays in a hotel.

Reporter:Brendon Leslie