Double amputee racing to donate wheelchairs to those in need

Racing for 24 hours nonstop through a muddy mess is tough enough, but imagine doing it without legs.

Hector Manley, who lost his legs as a kid in a devastating earthquake, is racing to help others go the distance.

Don Manley is pulling for his adopted son, Hector, to do something incredible: complete the World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour obstacle course challenge as a double amputee.

Hector has no legs, but Hector is an inspiration.

“It’s not gonna be easy but I’ve overcome a lot of challenges in life.”

An earthquake in Hector’s home country of El Salvador changed his life forever when he was only 11 years old.

“My legs were severely burned so they had to be amputated,” he said. “I wanted to be a professional soccer player when I was little so I think that was my very first thought was ‘how am I gonna kick a ball if I don’t have feet.'”

That’s when Hector met Don Manley, an American volunteer with the hospital. Manley offered to bring Hector back to the United States to get new prosthetic legs.

“Learning to speak English, that was the easy part, but learning to walk? I would fall down a lot. You just gotta pick yourself up and set a bigger goal,” Hector said.

He credits his adoptive dad for teaching him to compete and now the two race together to raise money for their favorite cause.

“The Wheelchair Foundation, they have donated over a million wheelchairs to people in need all around the world,” he said.

When Hector kayaked the Mississippi River, he says they were able to donate about 500 wheelchairs to people who need them in El Salvador and Honduras.

“We made it a focus to raise $50,000.”

And to inspire others.

“I believe we all have a personal Mount Everest. We were always approached after we’re done and people say say ‘wow, it was so good to see you out there.'”

You can follow Hector Manley in the World’s Toughest Mudder race starting Saturday at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.

Reporter:Melinda Lee