Police arrest married couple for nudity on Sanibel public beach

A married couple was arrested for public nudity on a Sanibel beach Saturday afternoon.

According to Sanibel Police officers, they received a call that a woman was skinny dipping in the Gulf.

Witnesses at the scene said they saw a couple having what appeared to be sex in the water, along with being fully nude on the beach.

The incident happened on the beach behind Sanibel Cottages Resort on West Gulf Dr.

When she returned onshore, an officer confronted the 26-years-old woman while handing her a towel to cover up.

She allegedly told the officer she wasn’t aware they couldn’t be naked on the beach, later saying she was from Vermont – a state with relaxed nudity laws.

When her 27-year-old husband approached the officer from another area on the beach, the officer explained the situation to him. The husband replied, “We are all human.”

The officer asked for the woman’s name, but she refused. The officer placed both husband and wife under arrest for refusing to identify themselves.

The couple faces a charge of indecent exposure, which is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Writer:Michael Mora