Man faces attempted murder charge for shooting on Bernwood Place Drive

A Fort Myers man was arrested after being accused of shooting at a vehicle with two teenagers inside.¬†According to Fort Myers Police Department, they responded to a call about a man said to be “armed with a long gun shooting at vehicles” on Bernwood Place Drive in Fort Myers.

Officers surrounded the apartment, on Sunday, Nov. 18, and arrested Christopher Alcorn, 40, of Fort Myers after they said he shot at two teenagers inside a vehicle.

“I’m happy because another person is off of the streets that doesn’t need to have a gun in their hands,” Christina Ventura said. “Obviously if somebody is shooting at you, they’re trying to kill you.”

Detectives said Alcorn was responding to an altercation the the two boys had with Alcorn’s son at school the previous week.

Dr. Laura Streyfeler said this went beyond protective parenting.

“A helicopter parent is a parent that hovers,” Streyfeler said.”But that’s very different than aggressive, anti-social behavior, going out and shooting another person. That goes well beyond a hovering parent.”

The two teens told FMPD, they were going to the apartment to resolve the problem with Alcorn. Streyfeler said there are better options.

“I think it’s a lot easier to do it in a public place because that way other people are watching,” Streyfeler said. “If things escalate, nobody feels stuck there.”

Police have not released the ages of the victims.

Three spent shell casings were found in the parking lot where the shooting took place, according to a release.

As officers responded to the shots fired call at Bernwood Place Drive, a traffic accident was reported at the intersection of Colonial Boulevard and Winkler Avenue.

Officers arrived at the crash and found the two teens in one of the vehicles involved in the accident.

The juveniles told the officers they had just been shot at and were on their way to the hospital.

Officers confirmed that one victim was suffering from a facial injury consistent to that of a shotgun blast.

Alcorn faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery.

Sometimes the time and place of a meeting won’t make a difference.

“If you know there’s already a plan or motive to go and create bodily harm or do something than that is likely going to happen regardless of where they are,” Streyfeler said.

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Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:WINK News