Naples man survives flesh-eating bacteria from Delnor-Wiggins Pass

A 93-year-old Naples man is lucky to have both legs after contracting flesh-eating bacteria from walking on the Delnor-Wiggins Pass beach in Collier County.

Roy Haase, a veteran, has strolled on the beach for two years with his pal Robb Stan.

They started posting their walks on Facebook live, where Roy’s love for nature garnered a huge following.

“You will see the love that is out there for Roy I mean it’s amazing the comments people make and he is actually become a part of the peoples lives he’s part of their families,” Robb said.

But one morning, Roy didn’t show up for his walk.

“I got a call from one of the park rangers they said they’re taking Roy in an ambulance,” Robb said. “They found him collapsed on the beach I freaked out, they said he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria.”

In the hospital, Roy and Robb kept his Facebook followers in on the journey.

“Hi everybody, it isn’t our usual meeting place, it’s a little more au-naturale when when we meet down on the beach and we have the wind and the waves,” said Robb.

At first, doctors thought they would need to amputate Roy’s leg in order to save his life. Robb says that in a matter of days, you could see down to the bone and tendons.

But Roy is a true fighter and miraculously pulled through without needing the amputation.

He is now in a rehab facility working to walk again and spread awareness.

The bacteria came from the water he loves and entered through a small scrape in his leg. He wants people to know about the risks.

“It’s a glorious wonderful place but I guess the germs are lurking no matter where you are,” Roy said. “I plan to take my walks again but I’m not going in the water.”

He wants everyone to enjoy nature safely.

“But that’s alright, I enjoy looking out over the water, I enjoy the glorious walks,” he said.

To watch their videos, you can visit their Facebook page. 

Reporter:Anika Henanger