Bicyclist warns of debris dangers amid hurricane season

A Southwest Florida Hurricane Irma survivor hopes to shine a light on the importance of looking out for storm debris dangers after a storm.

Renee Curth was riding her bicycle after Irma when she hit a piece of debris and fell. Her brake handle drilled into her leg.

“A stick, I guess it was about 3-inches in diameter, went into the front tire of my bicycle, which caused me to go over the handlebars,” Curth said.

As a nurse, Curth knew it was serious but didn’t realize she would have permanent nerve damage.

“It was pretty deep,” Curth said. “I’m still recovering, it’s almost a year later.”

With hurricane season 2018 in full effect and after 10 surgeries, Curth wants to remind residents to be on the lookout for debris after strong storms.

“I think we can prevent injuries that way and that’s what I’d like to do,” Curth said. “Just to share my story, because it was pretty… it’s very significant it changed my life.”