Bonita neighbors voice concerns over flooding as weekend rain pours in

Neighbors living in Bonita Springs are keeping a close eye on the Imperial River.

After heavy rains last year from Hurricane Irma, neighborhoods along the river were flooded, with some areas sitting under several feet of water.

“I just hope that it won’t happen again here,” said neighbor Verne Hayhurst.

As Subtropical Storm Alberto makes its way through the Gulf this weekend, neighbors still rebuilding from the last big storm are concerned about the potential flooding.

“If it does flood, we already have a plan in place to completely restore the bottom area of the flooded out area,” said neighbor Bob Gries.

Gries lives feet away from the Bonita River. He just purchased his home, and says it still needs repairs from Irma damage.

“If it floods now, what we have to do now is not what we had to do back then,” Gries said.

“It doesn’t make me feel good. We’ve been traveling for three weeks heading to Oklahoma and the storm made us stop going to Oklahoma,” Hayhurst added.

While the city of Bonita Springs spent thousands to clear the debris in the river, people who live nearby say with heavy rain in the forecast, anything is possible.

“I left my galoshes in the Bronx. I don’t think I’m going to have the proper clothing to wear. But yes I am concerned about it,” Hayhurst said.

Crews are still working to fix damage related to Hurricane Irma in the area. Lee County wants residents to call 239-533-9400 if you spot any blocked ditches or canals causing flooding.