Collier deputies reminding drivers to lock car doors while filling up at the pump

Collier County deputies are reminding drivers to keep their doors locked, especially while filling up at the pump. They are even putting up signs warning of the dangers of unlocked doors.

“No, never. I’ve never done it. Not in 40 years I haven’t,” said Naples resident Joe Kruger.

“I’ve never really thought about it to tell you the truth,” added reside Asension Martinez.

Recent burglaries at the pump are making some drivers think twice about leaving their car doors unlocked.

Collier deputies say car burglaries have always been an issue, and now they’re getting the word out at gas stations—a place where everyone with a car has got to go.

Shawna Adams says she never used to lock her car doors, but after seeing how simple and quick it’d be for someone to steal her belongings, she’s thinking twice.

“I can see how easy it is,” Adams said.

Sheriff’s deputies say nothing is particular sparked the campaign, but drivers can expect to see police presence and their colorful reminders on fliers to be around at gas stations for a while.

Reporter:Hannah Vogel