First Family Insurance donates $10K to erase $1M in medical debt for Southwest Floridians

You’ve probably heard about our campaign to raise $2 million or more, to pay off medical debt for people here in Southwest Florida.

One of you came through in a big way. First Family Insurance donated $10,000 to buy $1 million dollars worth of medical debt for Southwest Floridians.

First Family Insurance said they know the reality of healthcare and sees the struggles many people face daily.

This is a huge problem across america, especially here in Lee County. And that’s why Tyler McClosky says his company is stepping up to help the community pay off old medical bills.

First Family Insurance donation brings the total to $18,275, through 175 donations.

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“Since we’re in that field, when we saw that you guys were running this charitable donation, being the large presence that we are too, we definitely wanted to see if we could help out in any way,” McClosky said.

You too can be a WINK Hero for Hope to help erase medical debt here in Southwest Florida.

Outdated debt gets bought and sold for pennies on the dollar, while bill collectors still go after the patient for the full amount.

McClosky said, “I thought it was a great idea to try to donate some money that can write off and buy some of that medical debt. For some people they can go now and purchase some insurance to help them out for the future.”


How does it work? WINK News is teaming up with RIP Medical Debt, a not-for-profit charity. We want to erase millions of dollars in medical debt and give hope to those who need it the most.

RIP helped WINK News buy a million dollars in medical debt for $12,500. Your donation will go toward paying off additional debt, specifically here in Southwest Florida. Again, WINK News will not get any money from your donation.

So now’s your chance to help a neighbor erase their debt. Just $10 will forgive $1,000 dollars in debt.

You too can make a contribution to the fund at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation by clicking HERE.



Reporter:WINK News