Cape Coral drivers frustrated over pothole problems

Some residents are causing uproar over crater-filled streets plaguing their neighborhood.

The City of Cape Coral said they plan to patch up the potholes on streets like Northeast 10th Lane, but it could take a couple of years.

“The only thing that comes to my mind is war zone … it’s a mess,” resident Bill Snowden said.

Snowden lives near Northeast 14th Avenue and worries about the day his drive will become dangerous.

“When I ride the motorcycle it scares me to death. If I hit one of those holes and I don’t see it, it could dump me,” Snowden said.

The city said they’re waiting for the Utilities Expansion Project to be completed before repaving roads in the neighborhood — the project’s construction could go on until April 2020.

“You just kind of worry about your tires and your suspension,” resident Joe McHugh said.

Other residents believe the potholes discourage drivers from speeding in their neighborhood.

Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Writer:WINK News