Two guns found inside Texas hotel room of Fort Myers Beach murder suspect Lois Riess

A grandmother accused of two cold-blooded murders will stay behind bars after making her first appearance in court Saturday morning.

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Lois Riess went before a judge in South Padre Island, Texas where she was read her rights. She is being held without bond.

Riess is now being moved to the Cameron County Jail. She’ll be held for two days and then will be extradited back to Lee County to face charges of murder in the death of Fort Myers Beach vacationer Pamela Hutchinson.

Riess is also wanted in Minnesota for the alleged murder of her husband.

Authorities caught Riess at a restaurant on South Padre Island where sources say she was drinking with friends after being on the run for more than two weeks following Hutchinson’s death.

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A nationwide manhunt for Riess was conducted, ending when an employee at one of the establishments she visited in Texas recognized her by the color of her hair and alerted authorities.

Both the US Marshals and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office say Riess was staying at a Motel 6 on South Padre Island just before she was arrested. It’s unclear how long she’d been there.

But afterward, police searched her room and discovered two firearms inside—a .22 caliber and a 9 mm pistol.

Authorities also said the car Riess was using—which belonged to Hutchinson—was found and towed into evidence Saturday morning.

“They are processing it now, and I haven’t heard of the different components that they’ve gotten out of it yet, but we might have a list of important items later that were retrieved,” said Randy Smith, chief of the South Padre Police Department.



Riess withdrew $11,000 after allegedly killing her husband in Minnesota.

Traveled from Dodge County to Dubuque, Iowa (Diamond Jo Casino)

Actions unaccounted for between her journey from Iowa to Fort Myers Beach.

April 5: Seen at Smokin’ Oyster Brewery with Pamela Hutchinson

April 5-6: Pamela Hutchinson was killed in her Fort Myers Beach condo.

April 6: Riess walked inside a Wells Fargo Bank on Fort Myers Beach and withdrew $5,000 from Hutchinson’s account face to face with a teller, providing Hutchinson’s ID and credit card.

April 6-7: Riess checked into a Hilton in Ocala using Pamela’s ID, credit card, and signed her name. Stayed one night, left the next day.

April 7: Went to a bank in Ocala, withdrew $500 from Hutchinson’s account.

April 8: Hutchinson’s car spotted in Louisiana. Riess tried to get cash out at gas station – attempted to make a purchase and get $200, but transaction was declined.

April 8: Hutchinson’s car spotted driving through Refugio, Texas.

April 9: Lee County sheriff’s deputies called to a suspicious vehicle. Reiss’ Escalade found abandoned at Bowditch Point Park on Fort Myers Beach. Car registration records linked it to a match to someone wanted in Minnesota.

HOURS later: LCSO called to Marina Village for death investigation, found Pamela’s body.

April 19: Riess was captured by authorities on South Padre Island, Texas.

April 21: Riess has first court appearance in Texas.