Port Charlotte man charged hundreds for $14 Uber ride

Frank Stover thought he was making a smart choice after a night out in Port Charlotte, ordering an Uber to get home instead of driving himself.

He ordered an Uber and paid about $14 for the ride home last weekend. But the following morning, that wasn’t the only charge he was billed for.

“My account had been charged several times for the amount of $200 plus,” he said.

There were six charges total. His bank said the Uber driver claimed he got in a wreck and billed Stover for it. Stover said it never happened.

“How can I be responsible and how can they charge me, think that would actually be a valid reason to charge me?” he said. “If they can do that, what else can they do with my credit card, what else can they charge my credit card with?”

He reached out to Uber but had a tough time getting through to anyone for answers. With no phone number to call, Stover went back and forth with someone via email. He never got any real answers.

“You want to elaborate more, you want to throw more concern behind your words and it just kinda like seem it falls on deaf ears,” he said.

After six days, Uber finally reached out with an explanation, telling Stover:

“There was no report of any accident, damage, or cleaning fee from the Partner Driver after your trip. At this time, this appears to be a technical issue, and we’ll be looking into this further to improve future experiences.”