Residents frustrated by massive bridge project on Vanderbilt Drive

Southwest Florida resident Tom Orzanski, like many others in the area, is confused by the Vanderbilt Drive Bridge.

“I felt a little sheepish just going over the bridge and seeing people in trucks looking at me and I thought, well it’s too late to turn around,” he said.

The bridge has road closure signs blocking access, but drivers are still getting confused. The bridge is still under construction, part of a two-year project to replace two old bridges on Vanderbilt Drive.

The smaller bridge is completed and open. But the bigger bridge isn’t. The county is still working on the finishing touches.

“We get a lot of traffic come up here and we see them do the u-turn either at our street here or further up the road,” said Naples resident Ann Dickson.

Neighbors are frustrated with how long the project has taken.

“I think some people are watching paint dry right now that should be dry,” said resident Tom Owczarski.

The county says they should be done with the project within the next few days. When finished, the bridge will have two lanes with shoulders on each side.

Reporter:Hannah Vogel