FPL begins work on downed power lines at Englewood mobile home park

Downed power lines lay across the streets of a mobile home park in Englewood, raising concern among many residents.

Nearly two months ago, a truck slammed into a home at the Holiday Travel Park on Flamingo Drive causing a power surge that damaged several underground lines.

“All of a sudden we woke up a quarter to 8 to the trailer was shaking all over the place. I thought, ‘What is this? Is it a hurricane or a tornado? What’s going on?'” nearby resident Diane Geyer said.

FPL installed ground straps, or insulated lines, which act as an extension cord and a safe alternative to provide temporary service to their customers.

But neighbors said the temporary lines are starting to become a regular nuisance.

“Somebody’s going to either fall or somebody’s going to cut through the installation by accident and then there’s going to be spark flying,” nearby resident Jerry Rote said.

Some neighbors got excited Tuesday morning when they saw crews working on the lines to fix the problem, but FPL told WINK News crews realized the damage is more extensive than they originally thought.

“All this is live wire. I mean anything could happen,” nearby resident William Cross said.

Temporary ground straps will likely be in place for a few more weeks until the work is completed.