Signs to look out for as scammers pose as DirecTV

Beware of who’s on the other end of the phone the next time you answer. Scammers are getting smarter in their methods.

Crooks are now getting your account information before they call you for your money.

“I was on the computer when the phone rang and I picked up the phone, it was DirecTV, had their number and everything,” said Warren Walerzak of North Fort Myers.

She said “They also knew the program packages I had, that I had HBO, that I had Showtime, that I had the NFL Sunday Ticket.”

Walerzak says the caller posing as a DirecTV employee had all of his personal information, including his loyalty member card numbers, “They did their homework, they knew everything.”

The caller offered Walerzak a limited-time offer that would lower his monthly payments for two years.

Walerzak said, “They had the noise in the background for other people making calls. It was very very businesslike.”

He knew something wasn’t right when they asked for payment using an Amazon gift card.

This raised the red flag for Walerzak, “Why would they want me to get a gift card when I can just pay it in advance so I called DirecTV. DirecTV had no knowledge of this going on whatsoever.”

Walerzak says he also called the Better Business Bureau and Lee County Sheriff’s Office who told him this is a scam.

Experts urge caution with these three warning signs:

  • Sense of urgency
  • Consequence if you don’t take the offer
  • Demand for a specific type of payment, especially a gift card

Walerzak said regarding this incident “When they called with that offer. It had to be done by 10 o’clock that night”

Experts warn, don’t always believe the callerID.

If you’re skeptical, hang up and call the number back directly to see if it’s legitimate.