Father says he won’t trust school after daughter abducted

A terrified father is back home with his daughter after a harrowing ordeal.

Theodore Muschavos, Juliet Odierna’s stepfather, pretended he was her father to get her out of Oasis Elementary early.

Odierna was found safe in Alabama, and Theodore and Jennifer Muschavos, her mother, are now behind bars.

But the girl’s actual father, Robert Odierna, says he still hasn’t gotten an apology from anyone at Oasis Elementary about the fact that his daughter was abducted right from the school last Thursday.

He says the school was aware of the fact that his ex-wife and her husband were a kidnapping risk to Juliet, but they didn’t do anything to stop them from checking her out of school.

Even though they are behind bars, Odierna says he is now taking his daughter out of Oasis Elementary for her own safety.

“The minute they’re out of jail, they will do it again,” Odierna says. “So it doesn’t end because of this. Oasis Elementary School failed my daughter massively. She won’t be going back there.”

Since Juliet was taken from the school, they have discontinued their programs that allow parents to eat lunch with their children. They’ve also changed the rules for parents to sign out their children.

Reporter:Oliver Redsten