12 years and counting: How long will that unfinished building at Davis and Collier Blvd. be there?

An eyesore is stirring up controversy in Collier County. Neighbors say they’re tired of looking at a half-finished mess and claim it’s lowering the value of East Naples.

Nearby residents say it needs to either go – or be completed.

Jerry James rides his bike past this massive skeleton of metal rods and beams, sitting at the intersection of Davis and Collier Boulevards.

“I probably should put blinders on so I don’t have to look at it,” James said, “It’s ugly.”

The building has been there for 12 years and neighbors are saying it’s not representative of Naples.

Florida based company Davis Crossings, and its contractor Benderson Development applied for a county permit back in 2006. But when the economy went downhill, things came to a halt.

Ruben Benavides of Naples said, “Never seen anything more than this what you have right here”

The county says it understands the public’s concerns, but adds, although it may be unattractive, the building is legal.

James just wants something done, “This unfinished building has been here for over ten years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be finished anytime soon and I think it’s a terrible eyesore”

It’s been a bumpy road for developers. They haven’t been able to find a tenant to fill the space. So much time has passed, they had to get three different permits after several extensions and expirations.

They also had several code violations like graffiti, trash and vandalism.

Whether it looks like it or not the developers are actively working to finish construction.

They hope to complete it in the next 12 months whether they get a tenant or not.

“I’ve been looking at this coming off 75 going towards Marco Island for years and years and years so it would be wonderful if they could do something with it” said Deborah Nail of Naples.

The county says right now over $240,000 in fines have been accrued, but they haven’t imposed those on the developers.

If the current permit expires within six months, code enforcement says they will have to put a lien on the property.

Reporter:Hannah Vogel