Security to tighten in SWFL schools following Parkland shooting

Southwest Florida school districts will see an increase in security following the Parkland school shooting on Wednesday.

Collier County released an enhanced school safety plan Thursday morning.

“In light of the shooting, parents will notice a higher level of law enforcement presence on Collier County school campuses,” the statement said.

Lee County also responded with a statement which you can read here. 

Charlotte County school administrators will discuss the deadly shooting at their weekly superintendent meeting Thursday, said Mike Riley of Charlotte County Schools Community Relations Office.

“We’re very aware that something like that could happen here – we take a lot of precautions to prepare for something like this,”  Riley said.

“We have superintendent staff every Thursday, and we’ll be talking about this. There’s no question, where are we? What have we done recently to update our safety methods? What schools haven’t done a code red?” Riley said.

“We need to do this.”

For more information about Collier County’s security plan, you can read the Collier County Sheriff’s Office statement here.