Unclaimed money at Lee County offices

Over $97,000 worth of checks is unclaimed at the Lee County Clerk of Courts office waiting to be collected by you, according to the courts.

There are checks with amounts ranging from $1 to $20,000 considered unclaimed. This money will be sent to Florida Department of Financial Services at the end of April, the court’s office said.

A state dated unclaimed check is an outstanding check with a payment date that is 6-months-old and not yet voided by banks. These checks can be from offices within the County, the Department of Transportation, and the Clerk of Court.

According to the clerk’s office, these checks can be for:

  • Jury duty services
  • Payment of goods or services
  • Refunds of veterinary services
  • Utility deposits and credit balances
  • Tax deed and foreclosure sales and bidder refunds
  • Recording services and more.

Criminal cash bonds are also included in the unclaimed funds. Cash bond funds will be remitted to the State at the end of August.

You can search for these checks

The deadline to claim the funds is March 25 and August 31 for Criminal Cash Bonds, the clerk of court’s office said. After that, the stale dated checks are forfeited to the State of Florida.

For additional information about how unclaimed money can be retrieved, visit the clerk of court’s website.