Woman sent home from work sick dies possibly of flu

A 75-year-old woman sent home from work sick was found unresponsive Thursday, according to a Cape Coral Police Department report.

Ruthie Amoyal’s grandaughter, Susan Switzer, remembered her grandmother fondly.

“She was a beautiful soul,” she said.

Amoyal’s family said they knew she wasn’t feeling well, and they’re waiting for an autopsy to find out her exact cause of death.

“She had tremors and she just didn’t look like herself,” Switzer said. “She was off in her face and she was discolored.”

Three days before her death, Amoyal was sent home from work. Her Home Depot manager told police she had the flu, and Switzer agreed, but it’s unclear if that is what she died from.

“I think ultimately had the flu,” she said. “It got the best of her.”