Judge caught soliciting a prostitute on paid leave, “focusing on family”

An elected official who is expected to uphold the law is accused of breaking it. Police arrested Judge Jay Rosman over the weekend during a prostitution sting in Naples.

Now, the judge is on paid leave.

“I feel like he should be held at a higher standard,” said Lee County resident Cassandra Dupres.

There are many like Dupres who are shocked to hear the allegations against the 20th Circuit judge.

“No matter what position someone holds in the community, we should all have to follow the same standards and live according to the same laws,” said Paul Wood.

According to Naples Police, Rosman agreed to pay an undercover pfficer $300 for sex acts at a Naples hotel.

Police arrested Rosman, but now there’s a request to have his case moved to another circuit.

Former State Attorney Joseph Del-Asandro says this request could prolong the case.

“There’s time in those requirements, so that it takes a little longer,” he said.

In a statement from the Lee County courts, they said “Rosman is presently focusing on his family” and there will be “no decision to review any of his past cases as charges are still pending.”

Rosman previously served as an adjunct instructor at FGCU from 2003 until 2009. He is also a father of three.

Reporter:Andrea Henderson