Pig caught in Lehigh Acres heading to auction Friday

A pot belly pig will be put up for auction after she was found by deputies racing down a street.

The pig was caught two weeks ago in Lehigh Acres. Her owner never came forward to claim her, so now she’s being sold at auction.

“This one has a belly that’s a little lower to the ground than the normal pot belly pigs that we’ve captured in the past,” said Sergeant Randy Hodges. “She’s probably around 150 pounds.”

But that’s nothing—other animals like this pig in North Fort Myers range from 600 to 800 pounds. Hodges says they’ve impounded yaks, cattle, horses, goats and sheep too.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Agriculture unit says they keep the animals for a while, hoping someone claims them. But even after posting ads in the paper, there’s still no sign of the pig’s owner.

It costs LCSO about $5 a day to take care of these animals—giving them shelter, food and water and transporting them. It sometimes costs more, but depends on the situation and animal.

If this pig belongs to you, you have until Friday morning to claim her before she gets taken to auction. The sheriff’s office will also charge you a fee to claim her.

The two pigs being held will head to the Arcadia Small Animal Auction Friday.