Community working to change boat ordinance in Cape Coral

It’s illegal, but people still do it.

In Cape Coral, it’s against the law to leave a vehicle parked outside with an advertisement on it, or park your boat in front of your home. But now a community is coming together to get the rules changed.

Rhea Buckland has lived in the Cape for nine years, and she thinks it’s time for a city ordinance on parking boats and work vehicles to go out the window.

“It is my house and my property, why can’t I leave my items on my property,” Buckland said.

That’s why there’s a petition aimed at changing the ordinance that says these vehicles have to be parked behind your house and not in your driveway.

But realtor Cathy Bock thinks the ordinance is a good thing. And she doesn’t want to see eyesores like commercial cars and boats popping up across the city.

“It keeps everything nice and neat instead of having a whole bunch of stuff in front of our homes,” she said.

The ordinance also says you can’t have a boat trailer in your driveway or on the side of your house.

Reporter:Brooke Shafer