Weekend flu shot clinics vaccinate dozens Saturday

The deadly flu outbreak is still threatening lives. It has killed 53 children and 16 in just the past week.

The Florida Department of Health is working to get people potentially life-saving flu shots in the area.

Last weekend, the demand for flu shots in Collier County outweighed the supply. But it was a different story this weekend.

Free clinics were prepared to meet the masses with more than 1,000 flu shots readily available for children and adults.

Dozens made their way to the health department in Collier County Saturday to protect themselves from the influenza virus threatening the community.

For Maureen Marotta, getting her flu shot is something she’s been holding off on her whole life. She just got a flu shot for the first time Saturday.

“They weren’t as stressful years ago. At least we’re informed now to take precaution,” she said.

Across the country, the number of flu cases being treated is still on the rise.

“Right now there are a lot of cases of influenza and we want to be sure everyone in our community has the opportunity to be protected by getting the flu shot,” said Cindy Whetsell with Florida Health.

Protecting yourself and others around you is something health officials highly encourage.

“It’s one defense that you have against a terrible virus. If you don’t get the vaccine and you get sick, you can end up in the hospital with a lot more injections and needles,” Whetsell said.

Flu season lasts until June, which means you have plenty of time to get your flu shot. According to officials, it takes about two weeks for the shot to take full effect.