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Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?

A new survey shows that 72 percent of hiring managers think the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a paid national holiday.

Why? Because more than 25 percent of polled employees admitted to skipping work the day following a major sporting event, including the NBA Finals and World Series, according to the survey.

Robin Ankton, regional vice president at Robert Half, says some companies are trying to get in front of the issue by offering time-off programs where employees can request days off, giving employers a little more control.

“I believe there can be some flexibility provided for employees, even if it’s an hour, coming in late,” Ankton said. “Or getting in front of it, which is maybe having blitzes or a friendly competition in the office for which team you’re rooting for, but I haven’t heard it get any legs as far as it being a national holiday.”

The survey also showed that 40 percent of employees ages 18 to 34 have most frequently called in sick or had an excuse to miss work after a major sporting event, while 44 percent of workers in that age range are most likely to be late to the office following a major event.

“I think it’s an all-day event,” Ankton said. “It might be on for just a few hours, but a lot of people make it a huge celebration, so they’re celebrating all day and well after the game if their team wins.”

What do you think? Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday? Will you be taking a little extra time off after this weekend?

Author: WWJ