Skimmer found at 7-Eleven in Cape Coral

A Bluetooth skimming device was found inside one of the pumps at a 7-Eleven off Cape Coral Parkway and Palm Tree Boulevard.

The device, which was found earlier this month, allows crooks to wirelessly transfer money without drawing attention, according to the Cape Coral Police Department.

“Those skimmers are hard to detect sometimes, so I think it’s always safer and better to use cash,” resident Mattlock Jarvis said.

Police began to investigate after the store’s supervisor got a call of possible fraud on a customer’s credit card.

Drivers are advised to always stay alert as falling victim of a skimmer can happen at any gas station.

“I was traveling to New York and I stopped at a gas station with my sister and I just got gas, I didn’t even know until I got the hotel,” resident Evelyn Gauthier said.

State investigators found 613 skimmers on gas pumps in 2017.

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Drivers like Jarvis take precaution when they head to the pump.

“I always look for that little red tape that says it’s been checked and what not,” Jarvis said. “I just try to pay with cash as much as possible.”

Reporter:Brooke Shafer