Residents in Lehigh Acres uneasy over surge in crime

Is crime in Lehigh Acres on the rise?

One local father says he’s thinking about moving because he’s afraid for his family’s safety.

More neighbors are thinking about leaving Lehigh Acres after a deadly shooting unfolded in the community. Right now, deputies are on the hunt for a killer.

Others are also unsettled following a rash of car break-ins this month.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports overall crime in its East District, Lehigh, is actually down.

But when the numbers were broken down, from 2016 to 2017, homicides and manslaughter doubled from six to 12. Robberies increased 14 percent, car thefts increased 37 percent and business burglaries increased 65 percent.

Not all numbers went up though. There was a drop in forcible sex offenses and aggravated assaults and stalking. Home burglaries and larceny are also down.

But for some, perception is reality. One man said he wasn’t surprised by bullets flying near his home.

Others say they’re not focused on the numbers. What’s most important is their family’s safety.

The sheriff’s office reports overall crime decreased across Lee County. But its gulf and west districts did see increases from 2016.

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky