Deputy shoots dog after it bites him in the arm

A deputy with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office was forced to shoot a large dog after it was aggressive toward him.

The deputy was responding to a call at a residence on Coastal Bay Circle when a large mixed breed dog escaped a room in the house and bit the deputy in the left arm.

The deputy issued verbal commands to the dog and for the man to control the dog, all of which were not successful. The man was overpowered by the dog.

The dog then leapt onto the deputy’s chest and bit a second time, but on the deputy’s body armor. When the dog leapt a third time, it was toward the deputy’s face, at which point he shot the dog.

The owner took the dog to the veterinarian and the deputy drove himself to the hospital to get treatment for the bite on his arm.

It is unclear what condition the dog is in at this time.