Business owner fighting back after golf balls continue pelting her property

Rogue golf balls are roughing up a Southwest Florida business, and now that business is fighting back.

The store owner says the balls are coming from a neighboring golf course. One even smashed into a window, shattering it. She says it’s expensive to fix but the golf course owner tells her he’s not responsible.

Right now, Pattie Buschhoff has more golf balls than she does flat tires. That’s because her car shop, Cars-Medics, is located right across the street from Quail Run Golf Course.

“You can hear them hit—you’ll hear them hit the pavement or I’ve heard it hit in the window,” Buschhoff said.

Just last Wednesday, she says one shattered her window, with a golf ball lying right in front of it. She called the general manager of the course hoping he would cover the glass repair, but he said it wasn’t their fault.

“They came over and looked at it and says it looked like a gunshot came through the window but there’s no gunshot in the wall,” Buschhoff said. “The golf ball was right there in front of it, it was right there. Right in front of the window where it hit.”

Buschhoff says this isn’t the first time she’s found golf balls along her property. Her collection of eight is from only two months, and the building’s been here for 12 years.

“I think they think the trees are a barrier,” she said. “To me they should put some kind of netting up over there.”

The golf course has been around for more than 20 years, but Buschhoff says during season, the roads are more crowded, and flying golf balls are dangerous.

Now, she’s hoping something gets done.

“I would love for it to get resolved. After just going through the hurricane, having to pay for repairs, and then this happening, it would be nice,” Buschhoff said.

WINK News reached out to the golf course for comment but they did not respond. Buschhoff says she is planning on pressing charges.