Thousands come out in support of Naples Women’s March

On Saturday, thousands of women took to the streets in the U.S. in protest. There were 670 marches scheduled from coast to coast.

Many of the marches say they were supporting female empowerment, equality and the “me, too” movement.

It was a nation-wide movement that even reached Southwest Florida.

Thousands were on hand in downtown Naples for the second annual Women’s March. The protesters walked the streets and said they came out for a variety of reasons.

The march comes on the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. Event speaker Char Wendel says the demonstration is in part a response to the president’s agenda.

“The past year we’ve really taken a step back in terms of the progress that has been made to make our culture, our world, safe and free for everyone,” Wendel said.

Wendel and others are hoping their march translates to change in Washington.

“We can march and we can rally and we can give speeches, but if we don’t get to the polls and vote, we’ll never enact the change that we so much want,” Wendel added.

Reporter:Oliver Redsten