Cameras improving traffic flow at busy intersections in East Naples

Last summer, Collier County installed new traffic cameras in East Naples at busy intersections.

They are supposed to improve traffic flow, but now that season is in full swing, are they doing their job?

“You wait at an extra light, but it’s okay. We’re not in a hurry anyhow,” said driver Edward Kennedy.

He may feel that way, but the frustration of congestion on Collier County’s major roadways is real for many drivers.

In light of this, Collier’s traffic operations is trying to prove not all heroes wear capes—but they do have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the county.

They are also saying that the cameras are taking 10 percent off anything you buy every time you get on the road.

How are they doing that?

The county says the traffic cameras along a two-mile stretch of Airport Road—between Glades and Longboat Drive—have monitored traffic flow, changing the lights accordingly.

“There’s a cost for you sitting behind that steering wheel; the gas, the wear and tear on the vehicle, the travel. So there’s a lot of cost savings,” said Haris Demond, a technical support professional with Collier County.

The county will wait a full year to see how effective the cameras are. From there, they will examine how they can utilize the cameras across the county.

Reporter:Olivia Mancino