Child struck by car in Cape Coral, driver flees the scene

A trauma alert was issued for a young child after police say he was struck by a car in Cape Coral. The child was riding a scooter when he was hit.

The incident happened in the 1100 block of NE 9th Street. The child suffered a broken arm and was transported to a local hospital, according to authorities. They do not appear to be life-threatening.

The driver of the black Kia that struck the child got out of her car, saw the boy and his mangled scooter, ran back to her car, and sped off, according to a witness at the scene who happened to be driving by. The witness says he followed the car for as long as he could while on the phone with 911.

“She went flying through the parking lot, went down Del Prado…I could barely keep up with her because she ran every stop sign and was going 100 plus miles an hour,” he said.

At one point, he says the driver went airborne over a ditch, hitting a telephone pole and a wire box before hitting the front of his truck.

“And the Kia kept on going…it never stopped. It leaked fluids and parts were flying everywhere but it kept on going,” the witness stated.

Eventually, Cape Coral Police located the vehicle. It was towed away at the intersection of Diplomat Parkway and Andalusia Blvd.


At this time, it is unclear if police arrested the driver or if they’re still looking for her. The child’s condition is also unknown at this time.


Reporter:Andrea Henderson