Cape Coral police increasing presence to slow drivers on busy roads

A car plowed right into a child who was riding a scooter—and then sped off.

Cape Coral Police are looking for a black Kia SUV. Neighbors say they aren’t surprised something like this happened on NE 9th Street. They say people drive carelessly down their road daily.

“30 mph speed limit, but that doesn’t make much difference to anyone anymore,” said Jim Heiman, a neighbor.

This time, careless driving has sent one child to the hospital.

It also comes at a time when Cape Coral Police are trying to make driving safer for everyone.

The police department is ramping up patrols this week on busy roads like Chiquita, Santa Barbara and Skyline Boulevards, as well as Del Prado, which is right near the scene of this latest incident.

Last year was one of the deadliest in Cape Coral when it came to traffic incidents. Seventeen people died in traffic related crashes.

People living near these busy roads say they hope police presence encourages drivers to slow down.

Reporter:Andrea Henderson