Masked men approach kids in Charlotte County backyard

Kids playing just feet from their back door received the scare of their lives when two masked men approached them out of the woods.

The two masked men were wearing ski masks and came within feet of thee children on Spear Street. One was holding onto his side as if he had a weapon, according to the children.

“They had masks on and a light grey long sleeve shirt and camouflage pants. He had his hand on his hip and he looked back and pointed at us,” said Camden Reed. “He started saying stuff to us and we just ran inside.”

Reed and his sister were tending to their chickens in the backyard when the men came out of the woods.

Their father said the kids then ran inside to him screaming about what had happened. Reed said he then grabbed his shotgun and headed out back.

Within seconds, the two men took off back into the woods, but the neighborhood is now on high alert.

For Reed, trying to protect his family and neighborhood, and making sure the men don’t come back, is now his priority.

“Two men in masks in broad daylight approach my children in our private backyard—it’s a scary situation,” he said.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

In the meantime, Reed plans to have motion cameras installed around his property to keep unwanted visitors away.