Capital One customers report widespread double charges

If you are a Capital One customer, you may want to look at your bank account.

Capital One banking customers are complaining of pending double charges and negative balances on their accounts.

The company’s customer service Twitter account said that support teams are working towards a fix.

“Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today,” the Ask Capital One account tweeted. “We are hard at work to nail down a fix as quickly as possible.”

Customers are also reporting long waits on the Capital One customer service phone numbers.

“I have $705 worth of double charges!” Facebook user Tiffany Lowe wrote. “We are now overdrawn. Wonder if we can charge them $35 per transaction.”

“Hope this is resolved sooner than later! You guys are tying up people’s money!” Twitter user Carlundra Davis wrote.

“I can’t use my debit card. I have a negative balance,” Leroy Miranda wrote.

To contact Capital One customer support, click here.

Author: Kevin Dupuy , WWLTV