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Teenager gets adopted just before 18th birthday

The holidays are an exciting time for many families to get together. That’s why it’s especially tough for many kids in the foster system.

But, one teenager, just a week and a half away from her 18th birthday, is smiling thanks to the gift of love.

Opiri Granger, who’s changing her name for Genesis, can officially call Robin Granger, mom. Robin has fostered her for the last year and on Thursday, adopted her.

“It means that I have a family to call my own,” Opiri said.

“I wanted to be adopted, but I was, you know, I didn’t think I would be because you know, I’m older.”

“None of what I thought a teenager in foster care was, was actually anything like Opiri was, so it was a really really great opportunity to kind of test out the waters, but give a home to somebody and we absolutely fell in love with each other,” Robin said.

At the ceremony, Robin also brought her two sons: five-year-old Corey who was also adopted and two-year-old Jordan, who she’s fostering, but also plans to adopt.

“So, I’m adopted, I came over from Korea when I was nine months old,” Robin said.

“My parents are very white and then you have Opiri and then you have Corey and then Jordan is white. So, we look a little like the United Nations when we go out, but it’s the most amazing redefinition of family that you could ever imagine.”

Genesis attends Wesley Chapel High School and she turns 18 on January 7.

“A lot of times, people don’t think to adopt a teen, but we need homes, too. Not a lot of us are reckless or anything.”

Author: Garin Flowers, WTSP