Rep. Francis Rooney calls for FBI ‘purge’

Rep. Francis Rooney is calling for a shakeup within top law enforcement agencies, and recommended a “purge” of those employees showing political bias against President Trump.

“I’m very concerned that the D.O.J and the F.B.I, whether you want to call it deep state or what, are off the rails,” Rooney said.

The congressman appeared on MSNBC Tuesday and commented on the FBI investigation with regards to the Russia probe and dealing with possible ties within the Trump campaign.

“Those aforementioned examples are really really nerve wracking to me and undermine my confidence that the agencies don’t respect the constitution and will not put the ends before the means,” Rooney said.

President Trump previously took to Twitter to lash out against the agency and accused the deputy director of using his email inappropriately. Trump did not provide evidence to support the claim.

Two investigations were dismissed from the Russia probe after anti-Trump text messages came to light, and Rooney believes there is enough precedence.

Former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough was critical of Rooney’s comments on Facebook.


Reporter:Oliver Redsten