Iguana spottings increase on Marco Island

Iguanas are spreading on Marco Island, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is struggling to stop them.

They pose a threat if chased by untrained trappers.

“If you see an iguana, try to stay away from it,” wildlife biologist Seth Brattain said. “… If you catch it you’re going to get scratched, you’re going to get whipped by the tail.”

They also carry salmonella, Brattain said. He’s received numerous calls about iguana sightings since Hurricane Irma, and he believes the storm played a role in the outbreak.

Even now that the storm has passed, they’re expected to continue to pop up in Southwest Florida.

Marco Island resident and gardener Mikki Walton isn’t thrilled about that.

“I don’t like them here,” she said. “They should be where it’s safe, where they can eat something else — not my eggplant.”