40-year-old man killed in boating incident in Pine Island Sound

One person died in a boating incident in Pine Island Sound Sunday, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

FWC said Canaan Johnson, 40, of Fort Myers was thrown from his boat when the vessel hit a sandbar. Johnson was then struck by the boat and died from his injuries.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. Three other people were on board at the time.

FWC is continuing to investigate.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Brian Norris has safety tips for boaters:

1. Plan ahead

“Before you leave the dock, make sure you’ve got enough life jackets for everybody on the boat, a throwable device (like a floating ring you can toss in the water and hang on to), a fire extinguisher and a sound-producing device,” Norris said.

2. Designate a sober pilot

“We always recommend having a designated driver,” Norris said. “Anytime you’re going to be out on the water consuming alcohol, just like you would in a car, have somebody that’s going be sober that can get you back to the ramp safely.”

3. Let others know about your plans

“Tell somebody where you’re going and when you expect to be back,” Norris said. “Carry a VHF radio, a personal locator beacon. That way if something goes wrong, you can push a button and Coast Guard and FWC and the sheriff’s office can respond to your exact location.”