Ryan Doyon in court.

Hearing continues in Cape Coral ‘stand your ground’ murder case

Both prosecutors and the defense wrapped up their arguments Friday in Ryan Doyon’s Stand Your Ground hearing.

Doyon is charged with second-degree murder of 28-year old Roy A. Pike III of North Fort Myers in May.

A Cape Coral Police forensics and evidence expert testified Friday.

Laurence Stringham says he examined the scene and saw no evidence of struggle in this case.

Doyon’s lawyers argued the use of deadly force was to protect people on the property.

To support their Stand Your Ground motion they claim pike broke into Doyon’s Cape Coral home and threatened him with a gun.

The testimony of Doyon’s parents supports these claims – but the state says that’s not enough evidence to grant immunity for Pike’s murder.

Ryan Doyon will remain in jail as Judge Steinbeck reviews all the materials of this hearing before reaching a ruling.

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